Sunday, December 2, 2012

Late For Life [USA]

Hey. Got some extremely rare stuff here for you.
It took me a lot of time and efforts to get all the discography and info.

2001-2006 [RIP]
This was a band from Miami, Florida. Ska punk, ska-core with horns.
Some songs are too poppy for me, but "President Alone" from 2006 album is a totally awesome one!
Vocals and horn section is great. There are some other good songs to check out like Hometime Pride, Weiss,...
And cover for Depeche Mod "Enjoy The Silence" is a hit!
Just wish 2006 release was recorded in better quality..
Oh and there is a Raining Blood cover in 2004 EP for Slayer fans.

Drew - vocals, guitar; Justin - vocals, bass; Neil - trombone, vocals;
Dicky - saxophone; Nick - drums.


2003 - Kicked Squat In The Nuts [Compilation]
Danger Zone Records

160 kb/s, 3 mb, 1 track
BUY a hard copy for $2

2004 - Absent Without Leave [EP]
Classic Filth Productions

160 kb/s, 16 mb, 5 tracks
BUY a hard copy for $6

2006 - ...Live

128 kb/s, 28 mb, 11 tracks

(thx to jkuf777 and Justin)


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New album: A Last Waltz for Miami (2017)