Saturday, September 19, 2009

Detonate [USA]

2006-2008 [RIP]
It was a great 5-piece ska-core band from Texas. In 2006 they released a demo, in 2007 all the songs from demo went into album Television. After they split up all the members except the vocalist formed a new band called Informant. They play different ska-influenced music.


2007 - Television

320 kb/s, 86 mb, 20 tracks

2008 - Undead

320 kb/s, 64 mb, 18 tracks


Xavier said...

Actually, Angry Nintendo Nerd is on the Television album under the name of Ann, so you may wanna fix the description

Otherwise, amazing band, one of my favorite Skacore bands. Once again, hanks for opening my view on ska :P


stepRideR_Ant said...

thanx, friend!)

Ash said...

Duck--the singer--formed a band called Joystick after he moved to New Orleans

Anonymous said...

Been a fan for years. I knew these guys, as well.

Informant was formed by the band minus the singer. Tim the drummer now owns a drumshop.

Love this blog btw

Unknown said...

Tried downloading the undead album and it gave my kickin 6. Not mad but would like undead