Friday, July 31, 2009

Korttex [France]

From Perpignan, Languedoc-Roussillon. They play metallic ska-core with reggae elements.
Horn section include sax and trombone. Started by the ex-musicians of Kargol's, Dreadful and Skawar.
In 2007, after guitarist and drummer left, member lineup changed.
This should be full discography.


2005(?) - Demo
56 kb/s, 13 mb, 4 tracks

2006 - Amnesie Collective

256, 128 kb/s, 13 mb, 12 tracks

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Libertones [Mexico]

2001-2006 (RIP)
6-piece from Culiacan, Sinaloa.
They played ska-core with trumpet, trombone and quite unique vocals.
One of first mexican bands i heard of.
This should be a complete discography.
Unfortunately, no album covers(


2002 - Demo...nios [Demo]
128 kb/s, 22 mb, 9 tracks

2004 - Libertones [EP]
320 kb/s, 20 mb, 4 tracks

2005 - Compilado Cochi Entretenimiento [Compilation]
128 kb/s, 6 mb, 2 tracks

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Atomic Nachos [Brazil]

[post updated on july 12 2011]

Band from Campinas, Sao Paolo. Party style ska punk/ska-core with horns.
Probably for the fans of The Good Skamaritans.
All songs in english. Not much material so far, but it's good.
Second track is too sweet for me, but the sample from the song "Jesus Is My Friend"
in the end compensates everything)))
Earlier russian The Poseurs were thinking of putting that sample in their song "The Sect",
but chose the other one, im glad Atomic Nachos did that instead)
In 2010 on the base of Atomic Nachos was formed another band Lisabi.


2009 - I Coulda Been A Business Man [EP]

192 kb/s, 13 mb, 4 tracks

Monday, July 20, 2009

Na' Que Ver [Peru]

6-piece from Lima (capital of Peru). They play pretty fast ska-core/ska punk.
Trumpet and trombone, all songs in spanish.
Except these two albums they also released a demo in 2002.
U can buy their full length on


2004 - Asi Estamos [EP]

VBR, 18 mb, 6 tracks

2007 - No Mirar Atras

VBR, 65 mb, 15 tracks

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Billion Ernies [USA]

Hardcore/punk/ska/indie band from Hemet, CA. Most of u should know em.
They created pretty unique sound with sweet and screaming vocals and nice horn section.
It was one of the first ska-core bands i started listening too.
They are signed to Community Records. U can buy all their stuff there.


this show was great=)

2004 - Dashboard Ska [EP]
128 kb/s, 6 mb, 3 tracks

2004 - Please Do Not Reveal The Ending

320, 192 kb/s, 60 mb, 11 tracks

2007 - Stop Calling Us Ska! [Remastered version of original 2005 release +1 track]

320 kbps, 62 mb, 10 tracks

2008 - Juan Chicken Chicken [EP]

160 kb/s, 25 mb, 6 tracks

2009 - Dumpster Generation

320 kb/s, 84 mb, 13 tracks

unreleased tracks
128, 96 kb/s, 10 mb, 6 tracks

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Butt Spencer [Brazil]

1995-2007 (RIP)
It was ska-core/ska punk band from Joinville, Santa Catarina. Started without horns. In 97-98 added trombone and two saxophones (tenor and alt). All the songs in portuguese. Actually it was kinda youth crew ska-core, they were kids when started (one was 14 in 1995).


This is their complete discography (except one other 97 live release u don't want to listen to;).

1996 - Antes Tarde Do Que Nunca [Demo]

128 kb/s, 23 mb, 14 tracks

1997 - Ao Vivo [Live]

128 kb/s, 26 mb, 1 track (includes 13 songs)

1997 - Down-Ska-ct!

128 kbps, 9 mb, 5 tracks

1998 - Tira Gosto

128 kb/s, 12 mb, 8 tracks

1999 - Ao Vivo - Curupira [Live]

128 kb/s, 26 mb, 1 track (includes 10 songs)

2001 - Dogmas, Dilemass E Perguntas Sem Respostas

192 kb/s, 39 mb, 14 tracks

Friday, July 10, 2009

Downshift In Case [Canada]

It was a 4-piece from Montreal, Quebec. They started in 2001. First release is a nice ska-core with trombone. Later they went also into death. I don't really like death, but i like the sound they came up with) I assume, crack rock lovers should like it too.
Downshift In Case broke up around 2006.


2004 - Opressed To Death [Demo]
160 kb/s, 23 mb, 6 tracks

2007 - Hochelaga Crack-Whore

128 kb/s, 19 mb, 9 tracks