Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wanted one-armed Bandits [Russia]

[post updated on August 22, 2011]

Awesome ska-core band from Karachev, Russia. Very powerful horn section <3, great choruses and vocals, i like most of the lyrics, pretty close to my personal thoughts.

2010 album has super tasty horns (2 saxophones!) and lots of energy. At first it sounded too light for me, but later i did enjoyed it a lot and still listening to it quite often.

2011 EP has better quality of the sound, better choruses and vocals, even though in english parts sometimes accent is heard. Also some ska parts i don't like. And let's get back to the good things: interesting song structures and two guitars made the sound richer. I was pretty surprised with the idea of the track "Music") even though i like The Best Day and Лучшие Друзья a lil more. Awesome EP.

This is definitely the best "horny)" ska-core band from Russia.

Current members:
Zhenia - trumpet, vocals; Andrey - guitar; Sasha - guitar; Igor' - bass;
Vania - tenor sax; Misha - drums.

Previous members (2010): Andrey - vocals; Sasha - guitar; Igor' - bass;
Anton - baritone sax; Vania - tenor sax; Zhenia - trumpet, vocals; Artem - drums.


2010 - Dead Or Alive

320 kb/s, 53 mb, 9 tracks

2010 - Tribute to Distemper [Compilation]

320 kb/s, 10 mb, 1 track

2011 - Motivation [EP]

160 kb/s, 18 mb, 6 tracks

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Converted [USA]

2003-2006 [RIP]
The band was out of Kent County, Maryland. They played old school punkrock by adding some oi and ska. Life's A Scar is a great ska punk track. Pix On Me sounds pretty cracky, that's sweet too. Also would like to mention such good punk songs like Convert Or Be Destroyed, Kent Punx, Social Skrew.

Mike - rhytm guitar, vocals; Corey - bass, vocals;
Dave - guitar, vocals; Daniel - drums.


2006 - Daily Dose Of Brainwash
Fight More Records

192 kb/s, 57 mb, 13 tracks

(thx to Daniel and Tyler)