Friday, October 30, 2009

Silly Snails [Belgium]

A ska punk/ska-core band from Mamur, Belgium. Melodic, catchy, for those who like horns.

Members: Jeff - guitar/back vocals; Dav' - vocals/guitar; Duf - bass; Jerome - sax;
Renaud - trumpet; Api - drums; Jerry - trombone.

In 2006 they released Demo "La Fouine Masquee" which i don't have.
But i don't think it is as good as these two releases. New EP is nice and the most part of Sillyvisation is great too.


2008 - Sillyvisation
AeM Project

VBR, 41 mb, 11 tracks

2009 - Black Flag [EP]
AeM Project

320 kb/s, 12 mb, 2 tracks

Hornography [Australia]

6-piece from Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.
Nice catchy ska punk/ska-core with horns.
I wish they have more songs.
Unfortunately, they are not too active this year.

Members: Jamie - vocals; Liam - guitar; Austin - bass; Andy - sax;
The Dave - trumpet/back vocals; James - trumpet; EJ - drums.


2007 - Fuckin' In The Brass [EP]

256 kb/s, 26 mb, 6 tracks

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ex-Cathedra [UK]

1991-2003 [RIP]
It was a 4/5-piece anarchopunk/ska punk/ska-core band from Glasgow, Scotland.

Members: Alex - guitar/back vocals; Andi - lyrics/vocals; Issy - bass; Brad - drums; Stiff - bass;
Ian Parker (R.I.P.) - drums/vocals; Jenny - saxophone and many others.

Forced Knowledge is a super great ska-core album: Needles, Geno, Truth In Flight and etc.!


1995 - Watch Out! [EP]
Tartan Records

128 kb/s, 12 mb, 4 tracks

1996 - Tartan Material
Damaged Goods

VBR, 32 mb, 12 tracks

1997 - Karma Chameleon [7'']
Damaged Goods/Tartan Records

320 kb/s, 21 mb, 3 tracks

1999 - Anaesthetized [EP]
Self Destruct

192 kb/s, 20 mb, 4 tracks

2000 - Forced Knowledge
Moon Ska Europe

192 kb/s, 52 mb, 12 tracks

2002 - 2x4=
Tartan Records

192 kb/s, 56 mb, 14 tracks

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

O.A.G [Colombia]

O.A.G (Over All Grooves) is a band from Bogota. They play ska-core with saxophone and trombone, with dub elements and sometimes female vocals.
Imho a pretty fresh sound for a latin american ska-core scene.

I suppose, that's all they ever released.


2007 - Buen Viaje

112 kb/s, 25 mb, 11 tracks

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Propagumbhis [UK]

1997-2001 [RIP]
The Propagumbhis were a ska-core band from Leeds/Manchester.

Members: Lee - vocals; Will - guitar; Ste - bass; Ducky - sax; Neil - trombone; James - trumpet; Ry - drums.

In 1999 they released 3-track EP and Split EP with Imbalance on Blind Bear Records.
In 2001 -this full-length which also included all 7 songs from previous two albums.
So that's like anthology)

I'll try share more rare stuff like this in future. Enjoy!


2001 - The Rise And Fall Of Nothing Much At All
Hermit Records

VBR, 39 mb, 15 tracks

Monday, October 12, 2009

Atrocity Solution [USA]

(post updated on april 25th 2011)

This ska punk band from Wausau, Wisconsin definitely needs to be more recognised than they are, they play a great crack rock. Piano is sweet. This is a complete discography. Dark Days and Watch The World Burn from the latest split album are so fcking great. Please, support there guys as much as u can.

Justin - vocals, guitar; Luke - guitar, back vocals; Andrew - bass, back vocals;
Elliot - drums, piano, keyboard; Pirate - guitar.


2006 - As We All Fall Down

128 kb/s, 18 mb, 5 tracks

2006 - There's No Stupid Solution For The Zombie Operation [4-way Split with Nino Zombi, O.F.C., The Stupid Stupid Henchmen]

320 kb/s, 34 mb, 3 tracks

2007 - Melodies For A Massacre

VBR, 93 mb, 14 tracks

2008 - Promo CD [Demo]

320 kb/s, 29 mb, 3 tracks

2009 - Tomorrow's Too Late [EP]

VBR, 34 mb, 7 tracks

2011 - Track The Virus [Split with Beng Beng Cocktail and My Own Religion]
Pumpkin Records

VBR, 28 mb, 4 tracks