Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Smackjoint [UK]

Ska-core band from Colchester/Ipswich, England. In the end of last year they released a pretty strong The PostGenericSkaCoreDubFusion E.P. Very interesting and rich sound. Its hard to find weak points. Just sad only three tracks. If u like Random Hand, The Junk, Harijan ud like them. They definitely deserve more listeners. And we need that long-play out! =)

"Smackjoint has been a concept for many years but took it's first form in 2006 as a 4-piece playing shows around Suffolk, UK. As this line-up "The SkacoreThrashPunk E.P" was created. After a few more years in 2009 Jim and Ben were enlisted into the band; introducing the opportunity to include the Horn-lines that were always destined to be in the tracks and free up front-man Stanley from the Bass. After a further 2 years of perfecting the songs and gigging the scene, Smackjoint decided to record the 3 track "The PostGenericSkacoreDubFusion E.P" with Peter Miles (Who produced such bands as The Skints, Random Hand, Sonic Boom Six and The King Blues) and started reaching out Nationally. Now with a Trombone player on the sidelines Smackjoint are writing a 10 Track L.P due for summer 2012."

Stanley Bludfire - vocals; Petey von Reilly - guitar, vocals; Lonagon - guitar, vocals;
Jimbo prime - bass; Joshurawr - trombone; Ben Jammin' - sax; Henry Warclart - drums


2006 - The SkacoreThrashPunk E.P

128 kb/s, 15 mb, 7 tracks

2011 - The PostGenericSkaCoreDubFusion E.P
320 kb/s, 33 mb, 3 tracks

(thx to Jimbo from Smackjoint and Leo)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Harijan [UK]

2004-2010 [RIP]
This was a brilliant band from Manchester.
They shared few members with The Fractions. Played ska-core with a strong horn section.
Tracks from the split are the best.
I wish i could get all their older stuff somewhere and in better quality than 96.

Mike Corrigan - vocals; Rick Hill - guitar; Andrew Williamson - guitar; Ian Eccles - bass;
Alex Dowson - trumpet, Robert Garstang - alto saxophone, Joe Tatton - trombone;
Daniel Corrigan - drums.


2008 - Music By People Who Drink Cider In The Gutter [Compilation]

VBR, 8 mb, 1 track

2008 - Harijan - John Player Specials [Split with JPS]

VBR, 26  mb, 3 tracks
buy it here from TNS

other tracks
96kbps, 5  mb, 2 tracks

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Skunks [South Africa]

Second great band from Pretoria here. Mix of ska, punk and reggae. Something really fresh and unique. Have been waiting for lyrics from them since september and they still keep promising em)))

Members: Thean "Theans" - vocals, acoustic; Warren "Goldust" - sax, vocals;
Jacque "Dries" - guitar; Kyle "Beast" - Bass; Zman Ar Skunk - drums, vocals.


2010 - Skunk It Up [EP]
We Did This Records

320 kbps, 48 mb, 7 tracks

Angry Ska revival

Hey everyone here. Happy New Year or something like that!
I missed u, mates. Hope most of u still around. How are u doing!? Good?

 My life is getting tougher and tougher, but i feel worse without being involved in this Angry Ska shit.
 Im proud that the blog has 100 followers now =))
 I'll try to reanimate it once again and to keep your ears busy for a while.
Hopefully, during this winter u will not be bored.
 Still hundreds of bands can be put here.
 The main problems are: lack of free time, my laziness and getting info and permissions from the artists.
 What else to tell.. In november I brought awesome Wanted One-Armed Bandits to my city and to my surprise it was quite successful. Now Random Hand should come this april. Can't wait.

 Love ya,