Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Something Somethings [UK]

2005-2008 [RIP]
It was a ska-core/crack rock band from Bideford, Devon, United Kingdom. Started as a 5-piece, they release EP in 06. Later they added horns. The songs from this period of bands life went into The Crab, that was released more than a year after they split up. I should also mention that a great british DIY label Pumpkin Records is runned by members of TSS (Matt and Bo).
Chears and happy new year!


2006 - Blood E.P [EP]

320 kb/s, 44 mb, 10 tracks

2009 - The Crab
Pumpkin Records

VBR, 33 mb, 10 tracks

Where to buy:
Blood E.P is sold out, but i think some may still be left on interpunk.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Horny Coroners [Canada]

2005-2009 [RIP]
It was a 3-piece guitar ska-core/ska punk/crack rock steady band from Valleyview, Alberta. Listening to them for a really long time, definitely more people should know about them. 5 listeners on, that's not enough. They are fine.

Members: Jason Coroner - guitar, vocals; Danny Coroner - bass; Terry Coroner - drums.


2007(or 2006) - Get Fucked [EP]

320 kb/s, 27 mb, 5 tracks

2008 - The Worst Has Yet To ComeWake Up Dead Records

128 kb/s, 29 mb, 16 tracks

Where to buy:
Message them on myspace,
maybe, they have some cd's still left.
As far as i know, no online stores carry them.

Have a happy holidays there, friends)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Beng Beng Cocktail [France]

(post updated on February 10th 2011)

3-piece from Paris that consists of ex-members of crs band Skapsom.
They play acoustic crack rock and call it crystalcore. They sound really unique and last release is so brilliant. Featuring Union Jack, Public Serpents, Ghetto Blaster and more, it's definitely, one of the best this year.

Members: : Befa - bass, vocals; Skal - guitar, vocals; Oj - guitar, vocals.


They gave me the permission to upload all their songs.
Plz support them somehow if u like their music!
New album is coming out soon!

2008 - Silence Less [unreleased song]
192 kb/s, 5 mb, 1 track
One of the 3 versions of this song, and 4th version will be on upcoming split!

2008 - Demo: Close Your Ears And Smell Your Teeth

192 kb/s, 23 mb, 5 tracks

2008 - DIY Crystalcore [EP]

192 kb/s, 59 mb, 12 tracks

2009 - From The Swallow To The BottleBeer Records, Pumpkin Records, Skagency Records

256 kb/s, 80 mb, 22 tracks

Where to buy:
u can buy From The Swallow To The Bottle for €8.00 and other merch here or on interpunk.
They ship it worldwide! =)

Friday, December 4, 2009

U Can't Say No! [Japan]

Ska-core/ska punk 5-piece act, i guess, for the fans of United Skates (they have sax too) but these are less thrashy. Shared the stage with Link 80, Capdown, The Suicide Machines. I think not enough people outside Japan know about these guys. And it took me lots of time an efforts to get everything together and make this post.
U Can't Say No! is heavily influenced by old school hardcore, last release include 3 covers on hc bands i like a lot (H2O, 7 Seconds, Sick Of It All). They have lots of awesome songs like Victim Is You and Crime Of Christ. There are also some poppy songs that i don't like, but that's not a big problem)) 2007 release is my favorite.

Members: : aktk da 666 - vocals; sukebilly - guitar; shuji "xtar" haya - bass;
yasu-o - drums; aki-united - tenor saxophone.


Check out the T-shirt on a pic!)

2000 - Back To The 80's
TV-Freak Records

128 kb/s, 32 mb, 20 tracks

2003 - The Second Decision Of Lifetime

256 kb/s, 54 mb, 15 tracks

2006 - The World ShoWARIII [Maxi single]

320, 256, 192 kb/s, 14 mb, 7 tracks

2007 - 4ce The Truth!

192 kb/s, 33 mb, 21 tracks

2008 - 5 Becomes 1

256 kb/s, 27 mb, 10 tracks

other tracks [from compilations]
160 kb/s, 3 mb, 2 tracks

Where to buy:
if u live in Japan u can buy their CD'S on japanese amazonand other japanese online stores and distros.
So far I couldn't find anything for a worldwide shipping.
Only one lot for 4ce The Truth on

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dead End Job [New Zealand]

Crack rock steady band from Auckland, NZ. Most of us would know them
because of great song The World in Global Unity comp by Riot Ska Records.
They broke up in the beginning of 2009, mostly because of not having
a constant drummer. But in october they recorded 3 new tracks, and they are ok.
So they are half alive right now and, maybe, in future they will record
everything in a good quality)

Members: : Geoff "Whitey" - vocals; Paul - guitar; Haiden - bass.


Demo [everything they recorded before splitting up, including The World]
128, 160 kb/s, 10 mb, 5 tracks

2009 - Nuthin' But Net! [Demo]

320 kb/s, 10 mb, 3 tracks

Friday, November 27, 2009

$up [UK]

It was a 6-piece ska-core band from Peterborough, England. Lots of heavy riffs, different vocals, sax. Most of ska-core fans know about $up and already have Gimme 6 in their collection. But i have something new for you. This sampler includes two really rare tracks. I just couldn't find the release date or cover.

Members: : Shauny P - vocals; Mark Ward - guitar, back vocals; Phildo Smith - guitar;
Tom (TripleT) Savage - bass; Alex Fucker - drums; Will "I am" Savage - saxophone, back vocals.


2004(?) - Critix [ltd edition 5 track sampler]128 kb/s, 13 mb, 5 tracks

2005 - Gimme 6
Total Sell-Out Records

192 kb/s, 57 mb, 14 tracks

Cut To The Music [unreleased]
192 kb/s, 6 mb

This track they recorded just before splitting up. And it's great.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Panic Gastrik [France]

Ska-core/ska punk band from Rhône-Alpes with lots of horns.
It's strange no one knows them, they are not so bad)
08 demo is nice.

Members: : Jo - vocals; Riquet - guitar; Jojo - bass; Rudy - drums; Benich - trombone;
Pich - tenor saxophone; Steph - alt saxophone; Buzz - trumpet.


2005 - Y'a Pas A Chier Faut Que Ca Sorte [Live]

128 kb/s, 32 mb, 8 tracks

2007 - L'appel De La Cuvette

128 kb/s, 26 mb, 8 tracks

2008 - Titre Promo 2008 [Demo]

320, 224 kb/s, 15 mb, 3 tracks

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vanzetti Crime [USA]

late 2007 - early 2009 [RIP]
Awesome ska punk/ska-core/crack rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah. For a short life of the band they created around 18 songs, pretty different and most of them i like a lot. I think their music is fresh and unique. And only 43 listeners on That's bad!

Members: : Erin Tooke - vocals; Mike Westbrook - guitar/vocals; Austin Wood - bass; Trey Bird - drums.

They released 2 3-track EP's: Communicating Through Bombs in 2007 and ...All We Have in 2008. In december 2008 they recorded full-length. It includes all tracks from EP's except 10 Year Plan.


2007 - Communicating Through Bombs [Demo EP, just 10 Year Plan]

96 kb/s, 2 mb, 1 track

2008 - Vanzetti Crime
Salty Hobo Records

256 kb/s, 79 mb, 16 tracks
You can buy it for 5$ on their myspace.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Silly Snails [Belgium]

A ska punk/ska-core band from Mamur, Belgium. Melodic, catchy, for those who like horns.

Members: Jeff - guitar/back vocals; Dav' - vocals/guitar; Duf - bass; Jerome - sax;
Renaud - trumpet; Api - drums; Jerry - trombone.

In 2006 they released Demo "La Fouine Masquee" which i don't have.
But i don't think it is as good as these two releases. New EP is nice and the most part of Sillyvisation is great too.


2008 - Sillyvisation
AeM Project

VBR, 41 mb, 11 tracks

2009 - Black Flag [EP]
AeM Project

320 kb/s, 12 mb, 2 tracks

Hornography [Australia]

6-piece from Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.
Nice catchy ska punk/ska-core with horns.
I wish they have more songs.
Unfortunately, they are not too active this year.

Members: Jamie - vocals; Liam - guitar; Austin - bass; Andy - sax;
The Dave - trumpet/back vocals; James - trumpet; EJ - drums.


2007 - Fuckin' In The Brass [EP]

256 kb/s, 26 mb, 6 tracks

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ex-Cathedra [UK]

1991-2003 [RIP]
It was a 4/5-piece anarchopunk/ska punk/ska-core band from Glasgow, Scotland.

Members: Alex - guitar/back vocals; Andi - lyrics/vocals; Issy - bass; Brad - drums; Stiff - bass;
Ian Parker (R.I.P.) - drums/vocals; Jenny - saxophone and many others.

Forced Knowledge is a super great ska-core album: Needles, Geno, Truth In Flight and etc.!


1995 - Watch Out! [EP]
Tartan Records

128 kb/s, 12 mb, 4 tracks

1996 - Tartan Material
Damaged Goods

VBR, 32 mb, 12 tracks

1997 - Karma Chameleon [7'']
Damaged Goods/Tartan Records

320 kb/s, 21 mb, 3 tracks

1999 - Anaesthetized [EP]
Self Destruct

192 kb/s, 20 mb, 4 tracks

2000 - Forced Knowledge
Moon Ska Europe

192 kb/s, 52 mb, 12 tracks

2002 - 2x4=
Tartan Records

192 kb/s, 56 mb, 14 tracks