Friday, December 31, 2010

Anti-Venöm [Mexico]

[updated on February 29th 2012]
This is the last post of 2010.
So Happy New Year ANGRY SKANKERS! Stay good and warm!

Anti-Venom started as one-man band from D.F., Mexico. This is crack rock, punk rock music with lots of other stuff mixed. Most of the songs were written much earlier (2005-2006), before the whole idea of Anti-Venöm came out. I liked The Misplace Man from EP and now new full-length offer more good stuff for my ears. I enjoy it a lot. Just the lyrics are sometimes strange, i guess, because of english.


Razzz – vocals, guitars, synths and programming; Alan - bass.
Live band: Razzz - vocals; Alan - bass; Chepe - drums.

2010 - Annihilation Of Human Raze [EP]

192 kb/s, 17 mb, 4 tracks (+1 sampler)

2010 - As Soon As There Is Justice
Riot Ska Records

192 kb/s, 65 mb, 17 tracks

2012 - Planet of The Apes
Riot Ska Records

320 kb/s, 60 mb, 7 tracks

(thx to Razzz)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


[post updated on September 27th, 2011]

OK, this is not a band. That's a collective. And i love that idea!!!
"The Comrades Collective was conceived between miles of abandoned farm lands and the always-tempting concrete jungles that make up home."
This is, actually, Lancaster & Allentown in Pennsylvania.

They play in lots of styles and even though there are only two songs that can be called Angry Ska i want them be here and join "Angry Ska collective")) This music is awesome, i like almost everything! Crack rock fans should love em. Started with acoustic songs and later progressed into more powerful sound.

kviza comrade - vocals, guitar; eric d - drums; todd fasucnacht - bass; ashley dlc - bass; ez dirt - lead guitar; rza rae - violin/vocals; (A) dave - banjo; van sicle - banjo; ashley q. - bass/vocals; brenden black - drums; saint mary - drums; colby brown - drums; aelos - cello; steve xvx - drums; dan plain awful - trumpet.


I left the other sides of the splits, cause have the permissions by all of the bands.
Talking about those two bands, i like a lot Becoming The Change and Ballot by Amrev II.

2010 - Time To Split! [Split with Amrev II]

160 kb/s, 32 mb, 4(8) tracks

2010 - Bombshell The Split! [Split with The Snails]

160 kb/s, 51 mb, 4(8) tracks

2011 - WHAT IT IS!!!

320 kb/s, 73 mb, 10 tracks

other versions of Diary Of Decay and Police Genocide
320 kb/s, 24 mb, 3 tracks

(thx to Harrison de Bord, Kviza and all the bands)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jakal [UK]

5–piece DIY ska/punk/dub/reggae/hardcore band out of London. Started with oldschool raw ska punk, then added some dub to the sound and went into more melodic and sweet stuff with their last EP. No horns, dub is great. Concerning the last release, it's nice, it reminds me Sonic Boom Six, but still have a feeling like smth is missing. I guess, the sound could be more intense. Panopticon and Kingdom are my favorites. Earlier albums are good too (maybe even better for my taste), especially, Force Fed track from Nation Infection E.P.

Plug - vocals, melodica; Lawrence - guitar; Tali - bass, vocals;
Joe - bass, guitar; Daz Reject - drums.


2003 - Nation Infection E.P

320 kb/s, 40 mb, 5 tracks

2006 - Utopia [Single]

320 kb/s, 13 mb, 2 tracks

2009 - Community

320 kb/s, 75 mb, 12 tracks

2010 - Kick The Debris [EP]

320 kb/s, 50 mb, 5 tracks

(thx to the band and Rufus)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Edge Up [France]

2004-2008 [RIP]
It was a DIY band from Paris. Im not sure in dates, hard to find any info cause they were locally known. Edge Up sometimes reminds me Union Jack, but with horns. So yeah, i can call em riot ska) or ska punk/ska-core/crack rock. Songs in english. Listening to them for a long time, still catch me.

Samy - vocals; Florian - guitar, vocals; Vincent - guitar;
Frank - bass; Julien - sax; Clément - drums.


I couldn't contact them yet (even wrote to the street punk band Salvation City Rockers two of them are playing at right now) to get the permission to put this up, but as i don't see any possibility to buy the release, i hope, that should be fine with them. And i promised you all something special, so enjoy)

2007 - Edge Up

128 kb/s, 39 mb, 16 tracks

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The RedLights [USA]

A DIY band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They play ska punk with keys, main female vocals are quite specific. They also have guest horns on They Stay Rebel (imho best track). I really enjoy first half of the EP! Last 3 songs are kinda boring for me.
The RedLights are planning to release a split 7" with another Michigan-based band in a few months and full-length next spring.

Rigga - vocals; Kole - guitar, vocals; Glew - bass, vocals;
Eric Abbey - keys; Jessica - strings and things; Ahmed - drums.


I'm glad more and more bands realise that the main idea of music is not about selling it =)

2010 - This Is Control [EP]
Red Vulture Records

128 kb/s, 24 mb, 7 tracks

(thx to Kole)

Where to buy:
You can buy CD here.
Only $5 + shipping!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Manitoba Lights [USA]

OK! Hell0 everyone! Angry Ska christmas(?) starts early!
Im preparing a bunch of exclusive posts to put up this week and maybe next too.
I know i was a bastard last months... but cause of some shithappening in my life i have an extra time now))
SO STAY IN TOUCH! This post should be the start.

Nice ska-core band coming out of Eugene, Oregon. They even sound a lil cracky. Great screaming vocals, lots of offbeat and quite specific horns (trumpet) which sometimes sound kinda latin (like in A Thousand Times). Not only punk and ska here, u can also find some metal riffs (In My Mind). The whole album sounds pretty solid. Only Rock The 40 Oz has no ska and stands a little aside. Must admit I like all the songs on the album, but the favorites would be Shot Down, Rock The 40 Oz, Broken World, In My Mind, Fade Away. First of all these guys reminded me of awesome canadians True Trout. And I had the same thing here, while listening to them in a wrong mood. So don’t be too lazy to check em out for the second time, if the first one wasn’t successful. Also second song In My Mind reminded of Stuck Lucky. Manitoba Lights have managed to surprise me in a good way and I think they do bring something fresh into the scene. Further work on back vocals and adding trombone or sax can improve the sound.

They've just started selling this CD!

And were glad to let me put this stuff for free here=)

Nick Gray - vocals; Tyler McFarlane - guitar; Kelan McFarlane - bass;
Timmy Casey - trumpet; Reid Ness - saxophone; Sean Meesey - trombone;
Cody Lamb - drums.


2010 - Flavor Country

128 kb/s, 37 mb, 11 tracks

(lots of thx to Tyler and Nick)

Where to buy:
For ordering Flavor Country CD write to
They sell it for $7 (+ shipping for worldwide orders).