Thursday, January 21, 2010

Final Warning [Australia]

5-piece ska punk/ska-core band based in Melbourne, Australia. No horns.
Sometimes they sound close to crack rock.

It was complicated to find the info about their releases.
First 2CD edition, as i assume, includes all the tracks they recorded earlier.
And LP was recorded and released after that.
It has some newer songs, and doesn't have few older songs.
Quality is much better here!

Members: Brendan - vocals; Dale - guitar, vocals; Bernard - guitar, vocals;
Brad - bass; ? - drums.


2008 - Militant Ska [2 disc edition]
1CD - The Demo Years (7 tracks)
2CD - Soldiers Of Ska (11 tracks)
192 kbps, 47 mb

2008 - Militant Ska [LP]

224 kbps, 64 mb, 19 tracks

Where to buy:
they sell cd's by themselves
send a message to

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Take Sides [USA]

~2002-2006 [RIP]
It was a ska-core band from Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Talking about their music i can say that Last Transmission sounds old school
and punk, with leanings to guitar ska-core, sometimes it comes even close
to crack rock steady. The sound of Gentlemen Don't Ask, And Ladies Won't Tell EP
is different, it's more chaotic, heavier, metallic, experimental and modern.

Members: Vixtor - vocals, bass; Spider - vocals, guitar; Mr Cooper - trumpet, vocals;
LOL - drums, vocals; Oliviet - vocals.


2003 - Greenhouse Records [Compilation]
Greenhouse Records
160 kbps, 5 mb, 2 tracks

2004 - Last Transmission

VBR (240-277 kbps), 71 mb, 13 tracks

2006 - Gentlemen Don't Ask, And Ladies Won't Tell [EP]
160 kbps, 21 mb, 4 tracks

other tracks
128, 160, 192 kbps, 20 mb, 4 tracks

Where to buy:
try to send them a message on myspace.
maybe, they have some cd's left

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rising Strike [UK]

4-piece ska-core/punk band from Manchester.
No horn section and very lil offbeat, but i like it.
Hope more good stuff will come out this year.

Members: Tom - vocals, lead guitar; Wiv - vocals, guitar; Bren - bass, back vocals;
Boff - drums.


2009 - Not For Public Consumption [Demo EP]TNS Records

320 kbps, 25 mb, 4 tracks

Where to buy:


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Deth Becomes Shane [New Zealand]

Deth Becomes Shane is a band from Auckland, New Zealand formed by the members of prominent ska/punk nz bands: Poisoners, Offbeats, Missing Teeth.
Their music differs from what i usually upload here. It's slower, it's lighter, but i really like it.
They mix ska with some punk, rap, metal and etc. while using harmonica and keys.
In 2008 they released 8-track album and new release should be coming soon.

Members: Shane - Vocals; Jody - Bass; Afatron - Harmonica/Keys/Vocals;
Timmy - Guitars; Dave - Drums/Vocals.


2008 - Shanes AddictionPuppy Killer Records

VBR, 37 mb, 8 tracks

Where to buy:
they should ship it worldwide