Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Citizens [USA]

(post updated on december 23th 2009)

1996-2002 [RIP]
Super awesome ska-core with screaming vocals and great horns.
The band was born in 1996 in Pittsburgh, PA.
They released these 2 albums and disbanded.

Members: Jon McCune - guitar, vocals; Chris McCune - drums, vocals; Jake Huffmeyer - saxophone; Dan Rosa - bass, vocals; Greg Hill - trumpet; Kevin Corcoran - trombone.

Additional Members: Chris Bowser - guitar, bass, vocals; Mike Webber - trombone; Scott Rutledge - bass, vocals; Chad Neville - tenor saxophone, vocals; Chris "Duke" Newcome - Guitar, vocals.

2001 - How To Start A Riot
128 kb/s, 17 mb, 9 tracks

2002 - So, Anyway [EP]

192 kb/s, 10 mb, 4 tracks

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

United Skates [Japan]

(post updated on november 13th 2009)

6-piece japanese thrashcore/ska-core/ska punk band with sax and trombone.
Fast and short songs.
Members: OSAWA17 - vocals; RED - guitar; DiexSK8x - bass; YUTAKA - trombone;
MASAKI - saxophone; 5x6x0 - drums.


I thought it would be nice to share their earlier releases: Skate Rude Boy and self-titled,
which are extra rare. Almost a year ago i got em from Skazzini from VGS, big thx to him)
Sorry for no cover art fo s-t and few titles of the songs are missing, it's really hard to find info on that album. Also enjoy their newer EP!

Unfortunately not too active last years. Some of them are playing in other bands (The Sensations, Donkey Vegetable Voxxx!!!).

2005 - Skate Rude Boy
self-released cdr

160 kb/s, 17 mb, 13 tracks

2006 - United Skates
160 kb/s, 45 mb, 21 tracks

2006 - Shits Of Ska -The Stage Is Not All-
Diwphalanx Records

320 kb/s, 44 mb, 18 tracks

2007 - More Cheap, More Fun [EP]
I Hate Smoke Records

320 kb/s, 15 mb, 7 tracks

Saturday, December 13, 2008

O.F.C. [USA]

(post updated on december 30th 2010)

These good guys are from Turners Falls, western Massachusetts
and they play crack rock steady in the veins of The SSH.
Currently signed to awesome Riot Ska Records .

Nicky P - vocals; Midget - guitar, vocals; Porkchop - bass, vocals;
Jefé - guitar, vocals; Kit - drums.


2007 - Big Time
Used Records

128 kb/s, 26 mb, 15 tracks

2007 - There's No Stupid Solution For The Zombie Operation
[split w Atrocity Solution, Nino Zombi, The SSH]

Used Records

320 kb/s, 15 mb, 3 tracks

2009 - O.F.C. / The Vaudevillains Split [Split with The Vaudevillains]
Riot Ska Records

320 kbps, 35 mb, 5 tracks

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Box Tactic [England]

[post updated on August 10th 2011]

~2005-2007 [RIP]
One of my favourite bands and great guys. They were from Bristol.
Very energetic mix of hardcore and punk with a little of ska. Guitar ska-core at its best!
Awesome vocals and guitars. No horns.
Miss em so much(


2005 - Why The Truth Lies

320 kb/s, 43 mb, 5 tracks
This EP is totally super mega awesome!
listening to it with pleasure for a long long time

2007 - Don't Listen

320 kb/s, 43 mb, 5 tracks (fixed the track names)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Switchstance [Bulgaria]

Ska-core band from the capital of Bulgaria. Formed in 2000. 8 guys: 2 main vocals and 3 back, trombone and trumpet. Sing in english.

I think that's all they have ever recorded.

2005 - Switchstance 2000-2003

320, 192 kb/s, 72 mb, 13 tracks

2007 - Sofia Streets [from 3 way split]

128 kb/s, 13 mb, 5 tracks