Tuesday, December 16, 2008

United Skates [Japan]

(post updated on november 13th 2009)

6-piece japanese thrashcore/ska-core/ska punk band with sax and trombone.
Fast and short songs.
Members: OSAWA17 - vocals; RED - guitar; DiexSK8x - bass; YUTAKA - trombone;
MASAKI - saxophone; 5x6x0 - drums.


I thought it would be nice to share their earlier releases: Skate Rude Boy and self-titled,
which are extra rare. Almost a year ago i got em from Skazzini from VGS, big thx to him)
Sorry for no cover art fo s-t and few titles of the songs are missing, it's really hard to find info on that album. Also enjoy their newer EP!

Unfortunately not too active last years. Some of them are playing in other bands (The Sensations, Donkey Vegetable Voxxx!!!).

2005 - Skate Rude Boy
self-released cdr

160 kb/s, 17 mb, 13 tracks

2006 - United Skates
160 kb/s, 45 mb, 21 tracks

2006 - Shits Of Ska -The Stage Is Not All-
Diwphalanx Records

320 kb/s, 44 mb, 18 tracks

2007 - More Cheap, More Fun [EP]
I Hate Smoke Records

320 kb/s, 15 mb, 7 tracks


Broncho said...

Дякую мен! Не знав що у тебе блог є! Добавив в друзяки!

stepRideR_Ant said...

на здоро)
ну я в жж писав...

thiery said...

I heard that the band is RIP on the label I hate smoke record.