Monday, March 23, 2009

Body Bag [Switzerland]

Body Bag was a 7-piece ska-core band from Geneva, Switzerland.
Appeared in 1997 and died around 2004-2005.
Pretty heavy sound, songs in english.

That should be all that they ever recorded. Tracks from the split are really good.

1998 - Skadillac

192 kb/s, 23 mb

2001 - 1206 Days

192 kb/s, 39 mb

2003 - Mucho Mas Chaos [from 4-way split w The Filaments, BBK, Beans]

320 kb/s, 15 mb

2004 - Live A Paris [Live]

128 kb/s, 60 mb


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!
i was looking everywere for this (Lost both CD's many years ago)

Anonymous said...

If you want some youtube videos,

Go on


check it out !


stepRideR_Ant said...

hey Jeremy! a pleasure to read you here.
thx for the vids. last gig is nice.
i wish Body Bag would still exist...
good luck there with Suck My Kebab)

Lanz said...

Оба, скачав в когось із сусліку перший альбом і проперся. Дуже потужно. Зразу вирішив на твій блог зайти глянути чи є решта)

Anonymous said...

Here is some new bands of the ex-BodyBag members : (Javier ex-singer) (Jeremy ex-bass & Stéphane ex-second singer after Javier) (Fred ex-drummer) (Ivan ex-saxophone)

Big up !!!


stepRideR_Ant said...

thx for the info, Jeremy! Elizabeth should be in my city soon, didn't know about Javier. hopefully, will say hello to him at the show)