Saturday, May 23, 2009

Detective Jabsco [USA]

This band existed between 2004 and 2006 in Denver, Colorado. In 2005 they released this self-titled LP. Actually, it was an 8-piece and they played ska punk/ska-core with trumpets and sax. Tracks like Bossfight, Switchblade, Where Im Going and Fist To Cuffs are pretty good)


2005 - Detective Jabsco

320 kb/s, 78 mb, 12 tracks


tetrarchy said...

If you guys are 2Tone fans then try getting your hands on "Original Rude Boy'. It's Neville Staple of The Specials biography and was published two weeks ago in Britain. Not sure if it's available in the US yet. Quite a read - a lot of sex and violence but also how he worked with Third Wave bands. I still get the impression some British 2Toners look down their noses at Third Wave. But Neville gives it due prominence.

Anonymous said...

i have there unmastered 6 songs ep and some live stuff. I used to know the sax player last i heard he was playing in the glw skulls. 3 of the other people from jabsco play in a new band called false colors check em out.

stepRideR_Ant said...

hey) i know about false colours. i have their demo and have some stuff live. i know a guy from that band, and i also used to know Skazzini who was playing in VGS after Detective Jabsco.

Anonymous said...

haha riawn bro

jordan said...

hey, this is jordan from detective jabsco. me and skazzini were talking, and we're wondering about live jabsco recordings. we weren't aware that any existed (to our knowledge), but we would LOVE to get a hold of them if they do. so if any of you from the comments have anything that's live from Detective Jabsco, please email me! thanks a ton!