Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Leper [Canada]

(post updated on February 4th 2010)

Crust-ska band from Vancouver, British Columbia. Pretty unique sound. No horns. If u are not really into crust then check out Reclaim The Streets. Newest release is great too)


2005 - Reclaim The Streets [Split with 69BSD]
Creepcore Records, Straight Outta Cobden Records

128 kb/s, 20 mb, 9 tracks

2006 - Embarassed To Be Human
Creepcore Records

192, 128 kb/s, 81 mb, 34 tracks

2007 - Leper - Eviction Party [Split tape with Eviction Party]
Creepcore Records, Sharpie Fumes Collective

128 kb/s, 10 mb, 5 tracks
This is a heavier remake of the songs from first split with one new song added.

2008 - Mobilize/Organize [Split with Eleutheros]
xTRUEx Records

160 kb/s, 8 mb, 2 tracks

2009 - End Progress
Creepcore Records

256 kb/s, 75 mb, 10 tracks

Where to buy:

Embarrassed To Be Human
Mobilize/Organize Split on Interpunk.com.


CodyCreepcore said...

hey fuck yeh! i actually play drums in this band and have been lookin for somewhere to host our mp3's for download. thanks!

ps i'm gonna link your blog.

stepRideR_Ant said...

sweet =)

Anonymous said...

good shit on the Leper and Beng Beng Cocktail posts. any chance youd be able to up the other sides of the Leper splits?

stepRideR_Ant said...

hey. i don't have em, sorry

Singaaly666 said...

@ CodyCreepcore if you still check this website i have a request for you. Leper is my all time favorite band and if you could would you consider sending me lyrics to some songs? I have figured out a few of them on guitar and since ya'll dont play anymore i would love to cover a couple. Get back to me if this is possible at all.

Anonymous said...



Lyrics for End Progress and Reclaim the Streets