Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Offbeats [USA]

(post updated on january 13 2011)

Great 4-piece from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They play old school hardcore punk with some ska.
I would say for the fans of Poisoners, Rise-Up and crs family. Had a show with LoC and Citizen Fish.

Brian - guitar, vocals; Colin - vocals; Chris - bass; Skip - drums


2002 - ATTACK!
192 kb/s, 41 mb, 12 tracks

2006 - You're Sold!

192 kb/s, 41 mb, 10 tracks


Anonymous said...

They also released an album called "ATTACK!," quite a long time ago though. Thanks for this, had demos of a bunch of the tunes, but these sound a little better.

stepRideR_Ant said...

oh.. and thank you too for the info)

Class Struggle Records said...

well, holy shit.
i miss these dudes.

a few of them started a new band called "Amoebas". not as good, but still good. tehy're playing one of my shows in november. i can ask one of em about "attack". if youd like.

stepRideR_Ant said...

sweeeet! please!=)

Anonymous said...

I used to talk to their drummer on aim all the time when I was younger, and he was my age (18). Whodathunk they'd go as far as they did. They're amazing, that's why.

Anonymous said...

I used to see this band a lot, but never had a chance to buy You're Sold!. So here's Attack! as a thank you for allowing me to finally hear it.

stepRideR_Ant said...

awesome!!!!!!!!! thx so much)
do u know when it was released? or have any album art? i'd appreciate that too)

Anonymous said...

i know the band members very well and have a bunch of attack! albums in my basement. i even own a copy that was signed by the singer.

Anonymous said...

Here's a copy for sale:!/GML1447421033/

Anonymous said...

Such a great band!! Thanks a lot. I wonder if someone could post the lyrics for Mind Control. Seems to be too hard for me as I'm not native English speaker...