Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Propagumbhis [UK]

1997-2001 [RIP]
The Propagumbhis were a ska-core band from Leeds/Manchester.

Members: Lee - vocals; Will - guitar; Ste - bass; Ducky - sax; Neil - trombone; James - trumpet; Ry - drums.

In 1999 they released 3-track EP and Split EP with Imbalance on Blind Bear Records.
In 2001 -this full-length which also included all 7 songs from previous two albums.
So that's like anthology)

I'll try share more rare stuff like this in future. Enjoy!


2001 - The Rise And Fall Of Nothing Much At All
Hermit Records

VBR, 39 mb, 15 tracks


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the link wont work for this, any chance of a re-up? sick band

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