Friday, November 27, 2009

$up [UK]

It was a 6-piece ska-core band from Peterborough, England. Lots of heavy riffs, different vocals, sax. Most of ska-core fans know about $up and already have Gimme 6 in their collection. But i have something new for you. This sampler includes two really rare tracks. I just couldn't find the release date or cover.

Members: : Shauny P - vocals; Mark Ward - guitar, back vocals; Phildo Smith - guitar;
Tom (TripleT) Savage - bass; Alex Fucker - drums; Will "I am" Savage - saxophone, back vocals.


2004(?) - Critix [ltd edition 5 track sampler]128 kb/s, 13 mb, 5 tracks

2005 - Gimme 6
Total Sell-Out Records

192 kb/s, 57 mb, 14 tracks

Cut To The Music [unreleased]
192 kb/s, 6 mb

This track they recorded just before splitting up. And it's great.

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