Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Deth Becomes Shane [New Zealand]

Deth Becomes Shane is a band from Auckland, New Zealand formed by the members of prominent ska/punk nz bands: Poisoners, Offbeats, Missing Teeth.
Their music differs from what i usually upload here. It's slower, it's lighter, but i really like it.
They mix ska with some punk, rap, metal and etc. while using harmonica and keys.
In 2008 they released 8-track album and new release should be coming soon.

Members: Shane - Vocals; Jody - Bass; Afatron - Harmonica/Keys/Vocals;
Timmy - Guitars; Dave - Drums/Vocals.


2008 - Shanes AddictionPuppy Killer Records

VBR, 37 mb, 8 tracks

Where to buy:
they should ship it worldwide


Riot! said...

This is really good. Many thanks. The softer sound is nice.

stepRideR_Ant said...

glad u liked it)