Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prophet Margin [Australia]

4-piece crack rock steady band from Brisbane, Queensland.
No horns, classic sound in the vein of LOC and CV.
Last year they released this EP and now are working on full length album.
I think they sound really nice!

Members: Phil - rhytm guitar, vocals; Mitch - bass, vocals;
Chris - lead guitar, vocals; Sam - drums.


2009 - We've All Got Cancer [EP]
Scum Records

192 kbps, 21 mb, 6 tracks

thanks to: Jeff_Rosenstock from Australia)

Where to buy:
as far as i know, EP is sold out
but u can support em by buying its digital version online at
Amazon or Rhapsody
maybe, u'll also get a better quality than 192


aliK_drozdoff said...

see new album

stepRideR_Ant said...

thx, friend) good album. even though i like ep lil more..