Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ballistic Allshorts [Australia]

199x-200x [RIP]
It was a 6-piece from Canberra. They played ska-core with trumpet and trombone. Pretty fast and heavy, i'd say for the fans of Lesdystics.

Members: Ian - vocals; Simon - guitar; Matt - bass; Jez Woodhill - trumpet;
Robert Parks Jnr - trombone; Marcus - drums.

I can't find any pictures and im not 100% sure that the cover art is right. I couldn't find any way to contact them and ask a permission, but i think everyone should win from this post. Cause too few people heard them, and most part of those who heard know just their cover to The Specials - Man at C&A.

1998 - Built For SpeedCD, Omen Records

256 kb/s, 65 mb, 10 tracks
(thanx to Panzer)

2000 - Spare Shells [tribute to The Specials; Compilation]
CD, Sound System Records

128 kb/s, 3 mb, 1 track

2007 - Kray World Compilation - Australia [Digital Compilation]
192 kb/s, 2 mb, 1 track
This song was a really hard one to get.

Where to buy:
u can buy cd Built For Speed from some online stores.
For example, this one in UK..

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oldmanpunkrock said...

hi, there are a few 'built for speed' cds left, complete with mis-spelled name lol, i'll gladly send anybody a copy for cost of postage and proof of 'the big issue' purchase/or similar donation to someone who fuckin needs it more than me.
you can mail me here
cheers and thanks for the memories