Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pest Of A Child [Latvia]

1996-2004 [RIP]
This DIY band was from Riga. They mixed ska, punk, reggae, hardcore and etc.
The use of clarinet in their songs made the sound pretty unique.
Songs are different, but a lot of them are great.
Especially, their self-titled album on Hodila Records studio.
Start from it. All the other live tracks that's rather a bonus)

Jēkabs Nīmanis - clarinet, vocals; Jēkabs Januševskis - trombone, vocals;
Jānis Januševskis - guitar, vocals; Raivis Žukovskis - bass guitar, vocal;
Madis Šēnbergs - drums.

2000 - Koncerts Rigas 80 Vidusskola [Live]
VBR, 10 mb, 6 tracks

2000 - Tabuns [Live at Tabuns Festival]
160 kb/s, 3 mb, 2 tracks

2001 - Tabuns [Live Tabuns Festival Compilation]
128 kb/s, 4 mb, 2 tracks

2003 - Pest Of A Child
256 kb/s, 42 mb, 10 tracks

Where to buy:
I couldn't find any info about that. I suppose no chance to.

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