Friday, June 11, 2010

Night Gaunts [New Zealand]

(post updated on december 30th 2010)

New ska-core/ska punk/reggae/rap band from Auckland,
formed by two members of Dead End Job.
Superawesome! They managed to create a very own unique sound.

Paul - vocals, guitars, melodica, programming; Hayden - bass, melodica; Dan - drums.


2010 - Full Body Tourettes [Pt I] [EP]

320 kb/s, 16 mb, 2 tracks

2010 - Full Body Tourettes [Pt II]
Riot Ska Records

320 kb/s, 91 mb, 12 tracks

(thx to Hayden)

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Mike Parker said...

i absolutely love these guys, found them on and i talked to one of them, i didnt realize everything was programmed except the guitar and bass (and i guess vocals too :P)