Friday, January 7, 2011

The Converted [USA]

2003-2006 [RIP]
The band was out of Kent County, Maryland. They played old school punkrock by adding some oi and ska. Life's A Scar is a great ska punk track. Pix On Me sounds pretty cracky, that's sweet too. Also would like to mention such good punk songs like Convert Or Be Destroyed, Kent Punx, Social Skrew.

Mike - rhytm guitar, vocals; Corey - bass, vocals;
Dave - guitar, vocals; Daniel - drums.


2006 - Daily Dose Of Brainwash
Fight More Records

192 kb/s, 57 mb, 13 tracks

(thx to Daniel and Tyler)


Anonymous said...

Very awesome. This band is very refreshing. I'm very happy the scene is evolving and staying alive. Bringing new sounds and ideas is the only way to keep the music alive.

stepRideR_Ant said...

agree with u, but The Converted broke up in 2006, unfortunately

sarawr said...
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sarawr said...

you can't forget brandon, lead guitarist, alejo, vocalist, and chris, vocalist.

"life's a scar" is part of the song rotation on rancid's radio station.

xdhoshiko said...

Listen to and get the album at...