Thursday, June 2, 2011

From The Cradle To The Rave [UK]


FTCTTR comes out of Edinburgh, Scotland. Solo project by INFKTD, the member of My Own Religion and Cot Death (the only band that sounded really close to this).
This is a Riotstep, a mix of Crackrocksteady and Drum'n'Bass.
I think Cot Death and From The Cradle To The Rave made a revolution in music. Danceble as fuck, fresh unique sound and still very much punk. Murdasound from A Nightmare On Wall Street is an absolute musthear for everyone. INFKTD got some crew to play live, and, hopefully, the band will tour Europe this year. Please, support them the way u can! New EP just came out!! Enjoy, friends!!!!


2009 - Bit Riot [Demo]

320 kb/s, 40 mb, 4 tracks

2010 - A Nightmare On Wall Street
Riotstep/Riot Ska/Pumpkin/AntiManifesto

320 kb/s, 99 mb, 12 tracks

2011 - The Seven Deadly Singles [EP]
Riotstep/Riot Ska/Pumpkin/AntiManifesto/1212

320 kb/s, 44 mb, 10 tracks

(thx to Lint)

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Anonymous said...

that's the only time I ever enjoyed any form or rave music or whatever ravers would fuckin' call it, dubravesteptranceambience, I dunno. Who the fuck cares? It's good music is what I call it. Cheers!