Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Control Chubby [Guatemala]

Crack rock steady band from Guatemala City. They just shared their new EP. The sound is not as good as main european or north american crack bands have, but i enjoyed it. And i like the parts of the lyrics i managed to translate. Now i know few words more in spanish)
I'm glad crack rock bands appear in such countries, cause it's really important there. Cause there is a huge difference between the police, politicians or church in Guatemala (like in any other developing country) and, for example, in Canada or Scandinavian countries where social standards are very high.
Stay DIY, active, united, wise and kind-hearted! No fanaticism! Good luck there, guys.

Members on last EP: Carlos - vocals and drums; Rafa - guitar; Johann - bass;
Few weeks ago Camilo came on drums.


2009 - Despues De Jake [Demo]

128 kbps, 18 mb, 12 tracks

2011 - Muere Tu Honor [EP]
Mini Records

224 kbps, 17 mb, 7 tracks

(thx to: Carlos)

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