Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Smackjoint [UK]

Ska-core band from Colchester/Ipswich, England. In the end of last year they released a pretty strong The PostGenericSkaCoreDubFusion E.P. Very interesting and rich sound. Its hard to find weak points. Just sad only three tracks. If u like Random Hand, The Junk, Harijan ud like them. They definitely deserve more listeners. And we need that long-play out! =)

"Smackjoint has been a concept for many years but took it's first form in 2006 as a 4-piece playing shows around Suffolk, UK. As this line-up "The SkacoreThrashPunk E.P" was created. After a few more years in 2009 Jim and Ben were enlisted into the band; introducing the opportunity to include the Horn-lines that were always destined to be in the tracks and free up front-man Stanley from the Bass. After a further 2 years of perfecting the songs and gigging the scene, Smackjoint decided to record the 3 track "The PostGenericSkacoreDubFusion E.P" with Peter Miles (Who produced such bands as The Skints, Random Hand, Sonic Boom Six and The King Blues) and started reaching out Nationally. Now with a Trombone player on the sidelines Smackjoint are writing a 10 Track L.P due for summer 2012."

Stanley Bludfire - vocals; Petey von Reilly - guitar, vocals; Lonagon - guitar, vocals;
Jimbo prime - bass; Joshurawr - trombone; Ben Jammin' - sax; Henry Warclart - drums


2006 - The SkacoreThrashPunk E.P

128 kb/s, 15 mb, 7 tracks

2011 - The PostGenericSkaCoreDubFusion E.P
320 kb/s, 33 mb, 3 tracks

(thx to Jimbo from Smackjoint and Leo)


Anonymous said...

What about The SkacoreThrashPunk E.P? Were the songs from it re-recorded and put on the new EP? I'm just curious as to what they sound like without the horns.

stepRideR_Ant said...

Yeah, kinda. They got two tracks from old EP. The Big Idea and Heavy Smoker. They were seriously improved and re-recorded. Will add it pretty soon here)

Anonymous said...

The LP is done and available on Amazon and itunes now