Monday, December 14, 2009

Beng Beng Cocktail [France]

(post updated on February 10th 2011)

3-piece from Paris that consists of ex-members of crs band Skapsom.
They play acoustic crack rock and call it crystalcore. They sound really unique and last release is so brilliant. Featuring Union Jack, Public Serpents, Ghetto Blaster and more, it's definitely, one of the best this year.

Members: : Befa - bass, vocals; Skal - guitar, vocals; Oj - guitar, vocals.


They gave me the permission to upload all their songs.
Plz support them somehow if u like their music!
New album is coming out soon!

2008 - Silence Less [unreleased song]
192 kb/s, 5 mb, 1 track
One of the 3 versions of this song, and 4th version will be on upcoming split!

2008 - Demo: Close Your Ears And Smell Your Teeth

192 kb/s, 23 mb, 5 tracks

2008 - DIY Crystalcore [EP]

192 kb/s, 59 mb, 12 tracks

2009 - From The Swallow To The BottleBeer Records, Pumpkin Records, Skagency Records

256 kb/s, 80 mb, 22 tracks

Where to buy:
u can buy From The Swallow To The Bottle for €8.00 and other merch here or on interpunk.
They ship it worldwide! =)


Andrew Stoecker said...

This album is sick, thanks for sharing!

stepRideR_Ant said...

ur welcome)

Hugh Seless said...

Best album i heard in a while