Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Something Somethings [UK]

2005-2008 [RIP]
It was a ska-core/crack rock band from Bideford, Devon, United Kingdom. Started as a 5-piece, they release EP in 06. Later they added horns. The songs from this period of bands life went into The Crab, that was released more than a year after they split up. I should also mention that a great british DIY label Pumpkin Records is runned by members of TSS (Matt and Bo).
Chears and happy new year!


2006 - Blood E.P [EP]

320 kb/s, 44 mb, 10 tracks

2009 - The Crab
Pumpkin Records

VBR, 33 mb, 10 tracks

Where to buy:
Blood E.P is sold out, but i think some may still be left on interpunk.


cardinal_fang said...

'''Fuck the Something Somethings...''
Nice work. Cant work out how to contact you people properly, but check out
find Decoy 47, rekon it would be appreciated. Charlie

stepRideR_Ant said...

hey Charlie, thx.
just checked out Decoy 47. downloaded everything, will listen to them later. thanks for that too)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm Trumpet Face... the Horn section.. good to see this up here! Thanks x

Anonymous said...

the something somethings were my favourite punk band. i miss their faces, and their sweat, and their destruction.

stepRideR_Ant said...

hey Trumpet Face! nice to see u here)

awesome music

Bo said...

Hey guys, its Bo here...

cheers for the support, weve all seen the page and its cool to have everything in one place!

will check out the band charlie!

if people wanna get hold of us, we are on facebook and myspace under "The Something Somethings"


domcruise said...

hello. just recommended this site to a friend and figured i should probably say hello and thanks for this site and that its pretty rad. get on, good effort.

stepRideR_Ant said...

hello =) u're welcome

Bo said...

this has proved usefull again! we have a 1 off show on saturday and i need to learns some songs off the old ep!

Bo x

stepRideR_Ant said...

wow! glad to hear that. i wish i'd be living somewhere closer)) and i need to listen to your stuff again..

Anonymous said...

hey fellow music lovers! anyone out there might have all the tracks from the ska-core UK band The Something Somethings !???

I am in desperate need of their music to be added to my itunez, haha. please email me if anyone has their albums! thanks!