Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The UN Posse [USA]

The band is from New Rochelle, New York.
I'd say they play a screamy ska-core in the veins of The Citizens and Chiggy Chone.
They have a huge horn section) Boar Mistress EP is great!
Older demo tracks are not as good, but they definitely require some attention.
I think these guys and girls have all chances to create an awesome full-length in future =)

Brian - vocals; Talor - guitar, vocals; Ben - bass, megaphone;
Case - trumpet, vocals; Seb - sax, vocals; Sheri - sax, vocals;
J-Nasty McRaw - trombone, vocals; Jeremy - drums, vocals.


2009 - Mob Mentality Demos
160 kb/s, 14 mb, 4 tracks

2010 - Boar Mistress [EP]
320 kb/s, 12 mb, 4 tracks

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