Thursday, November 4, 2010

Husbands AKA [USA]

Burlington, Vermont.
Earlier this year one of these guys contacted me, got back to them just now.
Nice ska punk, some songs reminded me of The Good Skamaritans (especially Fall Down) but mostly their music is angrier and more old school and that's good. I really enjoy most of the songs. They've also released lighter EP Swift Street, even though i don't like it, u can still check out the songs from it on myspace.

Dylan - vocals; Sean - guitar; Tyson - guitar, keys;
Chris - bass; Alex - drums.


2009 - Husbands AKA [EP]

256, 160 kb/s, 31 mb, 7 tracks


Emm said...

Oh excellent. I'm going to listen to some of these bands on your blog. Have you heard of Kawasaki 3P from Zagreb, Croatia? They blew me away when I saw them at Exit Festival this year and have fast become one of my favourite bands ever. They do punk-ska.

stepRideR_Ant said...

Hey Emm! Never heard of them before, ill check em out, thx!!