Friday, March 12, 2010

The Riot Gang [Russia]

(post updated on january 12 2011)

This band from Vologda play guitar ska-core/punk rock with social lyrics
in the vein of The Suicide Machines and The Flatliners.
They supported Beans in Russia, toured Ukraine (unfortunately, missed em) and Belarus.
Their music is pretty fast and nice. Vocals could be lil angrier,
and with less accent in english songs.
Before 2006 they played for 3 years fast melodic punk as M'YOD.

Don Python - guitar, vocals; Don Artemon - guitar, vocals;
Don Prickly - bass, vocals; Don Proglot - drums.


2009 - One Life, One Chance [EP]

VBR, 31 mb, 9 tracks

2010 - Liberty City Streets
Sticky Bubble Gum Records

VBR, 43 mb, 12 tracks

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