Saturday, March 6, 2010

SKA-CORE IS ALIVE! few words about

Let's have a little talk here)
The highest number of albums in my Angry Ska collection
have been released in 2007 - 115 albums
comparing to: 1998-25; 2000-38; 2001 - 48; 2008 - 106; 2009 - 78
(im still looking out for a lot of stuff from 2009)
it's not a scientific research,
but im sure there is no way in 90's or 2000-2004 were more activity
in this type of music in global scale than in 2005-till now.
ska-core is not dead
lots of bands all over the world are playing it, and they are doing good.
maybe, it's not so popular in UK and USA as it was before (as people say).
but i don't care about popularity
and i will always remember all the great bands that rest in piece
now we should prevent the same thing from happening to the bands
that are active right now.
if u are downloading music from this blog
u need to make your best to keep the scene alive
support the artists, visit shows,
tell what u think, be active, be a good man (or woman)!

no fanatism, no idols of course)

unfortunately, im almost out of free time last months
i can't update the blog regularly
but im very glad that this blog became artist friendly
cause otherwise it wouldn't make any sense for me to continue

id like to thank to all the artists mentioned in my blog.
most of those who i ever talked to are really good people
and that's what is important.

and to all those real ska-core fans that are somewhere around: Shawn, Jebril,
thatonewithcap, Powdercake, rancidrufus, Minor Threat, Mark The Shark,
Nando Siol, Smeg, Thiery, Guss, L, Alejandro, Nash, timoteo
and all the rest i had an honour to meet here)

have a good day there, reader!=)


marktheshark said...

Here here!

Jebril said...

Haha I flipped when you mentioned me and started yelling at my Gf going, 'I GOT MENTIONED OMG!!!'


Min0r-Threat said...

Thanks a lot for the mention :D

Keep doing what your doing, its because of this blog i found my love for ska

Nando Siol said...

good in Brazil is hard to find bands,watch good concerts but there are some good bands more trad-ska bands than ska-core bands ,anyway thanks for the good music and keep skanking!

stepRideR_Ant said...

thanks all)
i forgot to mention some of u guys,
i fixed that8)

Timóteo Pinto said...
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Timóteo Pinto said...

thanks for the mention
your blog are the best!
long live to skacore!