Sunday, March 14, 2010

Skapsom [France]

2003-2007 [RIP]
Skapsom was a crack rock steady ska-core band coming from Angers, in the West of France. In 2004 they recorded Irreversible? and released it on Beer Records in 2005. After that they were planning to release 3 track EP called No Money, No Life, but it didn't happen. However one of those tracks (Hate Yer State CV cover) still went on 2008 Tribute To Chokin Victim by Beer Records.
In 2007 Skal and Befa formed Beng Beng Cocktail.

Skal - guitar, vocals; Befa - bass, vocals; Clax - drums, back vocals.


2005 - Irreversible?
Beer Records

256 kb/s, 43 mb, 8 tracks

No Money, No Life [unreleased EP]
128, 320 kb/s, 14 mb, 3 tracks
1. Hate Yer State (CV cover)
2. No Money No Life
2. Yer Choice


Riot! said...

I'm a bit glad Skapsom broke up, Beng Beng Cocktail was much more original band, and the collaborations with Cerephesis, Ghetto Blaster, SSH, and Union Jack are just kick-ass. Don't get me wrong, Irreversible? is a fairly enjoyable cd.

stepRideR_Ant said...

i agree with u. but Beng Beng Cocktail is much more original, not was))

ApOgEE said...

I haven't heard this band before. Thanks for sharing.