Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Fractions [UK]

They are from Manchester. Play positive and energetic ska punk/ska-core tunes. First i thought vocals are too sweet for my taste, but later then i really liked them a lot. Finally got everything together. I think the newer stuff the better. Last Release is tremendous, support em if u can.

Joe - guitar, vocals; Graeme - guitar, vocals; MJ - bass, vocals;
Ewan - trombone, vocals; Alec - trumpet; Matt - drums.


Matanza [EP]

128, 224 kb/s, 26 mb, 5 tracks

2008 - Music By People Who Drink Cider In The Gutter [Compilation]
TNS Records

274 kb/s, 5 mb, 1 track

2008 - Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man Vs. The Fractions [Split EP with ROTPM]
TNS Records

160 kb/s, 10 mb, 3 tracks

2010 - Release
TNS Records

VBR, 51 mb, 9 tracks

other songs
probably that was their first self-titled demo EP
128, 224 kbps, 19 mb, 4 tracks

(lots of thx to Sam! and to Kev)

Where to buy:
CDs and merch from their online store.
Or from TNS records webstore

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