Wednesday, December 29, 2010


[post updated on September 27th, 2011]

OK, this is not a band. That's a collective. And i love that idea!!!
"The Comrades Collective was conceived between miles of abandoned farm lands and the always-tempting concrete jungles that make up home."
This is, actually, Lancaster & Allentown in Pennsylvania.

They play in lots of styles and even though there are only two songs that can be called Angry Ska i want them be here and join "Angry Ska collective")) This music is awesome, i like almost everything! Crack rock fans should love em. Started with acoustic songs and later progressed into more powerful sound.

kviza comrade - vocals, guitar; eric d - drums; todd fasucnacht - bass; ashley dlc - bass; ez dirt - lead guitar; rza rae - violin/vocals; (A) dave - banjo; van sicle - banjo; ashley q. - bass/vocals; brenden black - drums; saint mary - drums; colby brown - drums; aelos - cello; steve xvx - drums; dan plain awful - trumpet.


I left the other sides of the splits, cause have the permissions by all of the bands.
Talking about those two bands, i like a lot Becoming The Change and Ballot by Amrev II.

2010 - Time To Split! [Split with Amrev II]

160 kb/s, 32 mb, 4(8) tracks

2010 - Bombshell The Split! [Split with The Snails]

160 kb/s, 51 mb, 4(8) tracks

2011 - WHAT IT IS!!!

320 kb/s, 73 mb, 10 tracks

other versions of Diary Of Decay and Police Genocide
320 kb/s, 24 mb, 3 tracks

(thx to Harrison de Bord, Kviza and all the bands)


Sunshine Defranco said...

Kviza played at my house a few years back, it's awesome to hear all these songs.

much love,
sister sunshiine

Sunshine Defranco said...

Kviza played at my squat a few years back, I had know idea about all these songs.
much love,
sister sunshiine

Ryonikis said...

Dude, that's ridiculous. I know the guy on the far right. His name is Van and he used to live in a small, conservative Pennsylvanian town as I do. That screenshot was from Folk The Park. Just goes to show you what a small world we live in.

Ryonikis said...

Oh yeah, the guy upfront with the old man hat right under Van, the banjo player, is either Kyle or Blaine (they're both twins). Man, this is so cool.

stepRideR_Ant said...

yeah, man. this world is really small)