Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Edge Up [France]

2004-2008 [RIP]
It was a DIY band from Paris. Im not sure in dates, hard to find any info cause they were locally known. Edge Up sometimes reminds me Union Jack, but with horns. So yeah, i can call em riot ska) or ska punk/ska-core/crack rock. Songs in english. Listening to them for a long time, still catch me.

Samy - vocals; Florian - guitar, vocals; Vincent - guitar;
Frank - bass; Julien - sax; Clément - drums.


I couldn't contact them yet (even wrote to the street punk band Salvation City Rockers two of them are playing at right now) to get the permission to put this up, but as i don't see any possibility to buy the release, i hope, that should be fine with them. And i promised you all something special, so enjoy)

2007 - Edge Up

128 kb/s, 39 mb, 16 tracks


oakado said...
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stepRideR_Ant said...

hey. glad to read u here =)
i, guess, everything is fine in the post, so i have no questions.