Saturday, November 15, 2008

Broken Nose [UK, Wales]

[post updated on November 9th 2012]

~2005-2012 [ON HIATUS]
Broken Nose is from Bridgend, South Wales. Ska-core/ska punk with reggae, dub and hip-hop.
Pretty unique and catchy sound. I love vocals. Horn section consist of trumpet and sax. They are super awesome!

In February 2012 Dave left the band so they took a break.
Dai and Dasher started JamtownRecordingStudio in Bridgent.

Members: Phil - vocals; Mini - bass, vocals; Aaron - guitar; Dave - drums;
Dai - sax, vocals; Dasher - trumpet, vocals.


2005 - Payback [EP]

128 kbps, 17 mb, 6 tracks

2007 - No Blood [EP]

VBR, 32 mb, 5 tracks

2010 - No Compromise
Frontline Records

VBR, 32 mb, 10 tracks


David said...

The new album is out now and is available to buy from our online store at or to download from Itunes, Amazon and Spotify!!!

Luke Dunne said...

Sounds alot like 'Capdown' good stuff!