Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Dumpers [Australia]

[post updated on November 9th 2012]

The band was born somewhere in Queensland in Australia around 2001.
The Dumpers started as a three-piece, in 2003 they released Business As Usual,
that happened to be their only release.
Later appeared that they have some unreleased albums too))
Right now it looks like the band is dead.


Describing the music, that's a great ska punk in a crack rock steady way with riot lyrics and no horns.
Unreleased tracks are quite different. More experimental, less political, less crs, something happened to vox))
Both albums sound quite interesting and fresh for me.

2003 - Business As Usual

192kb/s, 36 mb, 10 tracks

2007 - unreleased 4 track album
128kb/s, 13 mb, 4 tracks

unreleased tracks
128kb/s, 4 mb, 2 tracks

u can buy Business As Usual online if u really like it
lots of stores still have it...


Joe Fool said...

Ska-core huh? Sounds interesting, I'll have to give it a listen. My own band might get off the ground eventually... we'll see.

stepRideR_Ant said...

i guess u didn't like it)))

Anonymous said...

thank you for the unreleased tracks. i have business as usual. <3

notrendyjustcoo from

stepRideR_Ant said...

ur welcome!