Saturday, November 15, 2008

Leek And The Bouncing Uptones [South Africa]

(post updated on April 25th 2011)

1994-2002/2003 [RIP]
5 guys from Pretoria, the capital of South Africa. At first the name of the band was Leek and they played skate punk. Later they added trumpet and trombone, soon the name was changed to LATBU. They started playing ska punk, ska-core. The band influences for that time were: Capdown, Link 80 and Voodoo Glow Skulls.
They've toured UK and were planning a US tour in 2003, but something went wrong.

Andrew Wright - guitar, vocals; Jaco Pretorius - bass; Mpho Mahura - trumpet and etc.;
William Bishop - trombone; Pieter Strydom - drums.

They've released 3 albums and were working on 4th. I still couldn't find first two: It Was Just An Idea (1996) and Punks Golfing Again (1997). But i suppose all those tracks went into compilation album Kicking Back The Years which u can download. Latest album (Roll The Dice) was released on british label 20 Deck Records in July 2001. Also in "other tracks" u can find two tracks recorded live on a show later and great song Trapped from the unreleased album.

Great horns, sweet bass lines. No Consent is awesome

1996-1999 - Kicking Back The Years

128kb/s, 45 mb, 21 track

2001 - Roll The Dice
20 Deck Records

256kb/s, 53 mb, 13 tracks

other tracks
128kb/s, 9 mb, 4 tracks

(lots of thanks to SMEG)


smeg said...

they didnt play sweet ska punk. they were a punk band, that eventually acquired a horn section... the punk band was known as leek, and then they got mpo and wil, and became leek and the bouncing uptones. the old albums are next to impossible to get (even here in RSA), but they've got 2/3 of their older songs on a comp called punk is everywhere vol2, which might be easier to get hold of.

stepRideR_Ant said...

thx for info, Smeg!

smeg said...

check the shoutbox for their album kicking back the years, which is basically a comp of their first 2 albums, plus some other tracks from the pre- roll the dice era..

brett said...

I've got the 34B EP will see if I can find it and upload it somewhere!

Dan said...

Thanks for sharing everyone, been looking all over for leek albums!

smeg said...

brett, you slut. did't you trade that cd with me ages ago, like before you or paul cood by beer? or was that kicking back the years?:D