Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mojiganga [Colombia]

Mojiganga, as a band, was born in Meddelin, Colombia in 1995 . Since then they have released 6 albums and became one of the most famous colombian punk bands. And of course the most famous local ska-core band. Now the band consists of 7 people. 6 guys and one girl=) Almost all the songs in spanish. Horn section consists of 2 saxophones and trumpet. I liked the last self-titled release.

1999 - Senalados

128kb/s, 25 mb

2002 - No Estamos Solos

128kb/s, 21 mb

2007 - Mojiganga [2 cd]

128kb/s(1cd), 320 kb/s(2cd), 64 mb, 12+6tracks